Ways to Avoid the Friendzone

There are a lot of people trying to get into a relationship and some of them succeed and some not. This is usually based on the way the relationship evolves. This can go either way especially when you do not discuss feelings from the first time you’ve met. It is very easy to get friend zoned and it doesn’t matter if you are a man or a woman. 

Here are some tips that can help you get out of the friend zone or for that matter to avoid it from the beginning. 

Things Every Man Wants In A Woman

It is always a mystery to what a woman or a man wants when it comes to searching for partners. What this means is the fact that they might be looking for different things be they physical or regarding their nature. 

Women always complain that they do not understand why men do the things they do while in a relationship and why they decide all of a sudden to leave. There are several ways through which any man decides which woman is their best pair. 

Let’s have a look at what things that every man looks for in a woman: 

Reasons Why Men Play Games With Your Heart

It is hard to get into a great relationship and it is especially hard to keep that relationship floating. There a lot of people out there who are looking just for their own good and never think about the others and how it might affect them while playing with their hearts. Being a player usually implies hurting people and without being bias, most of the times the men are those who do it. 

So, in order to avoid having your heart broken again, let’s look at some reasons for why men do actually play with your feelings: